Chain Link Squad

by Back X Burner

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Jake_Arbo Just when I thought BC was going to let me down I ran across this gem. Great traditional hardcore sound with the vocals to match. Keep this shit up fellas.
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Aggressive Rhythm Records 013

Cassette tapes available now at aggressiverhythmrecords dot limitedrun dot com


released February 16, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Connor Haines at Corruption Recordings

Album art by Chun One

Justin Jackson performs drums on tracks 1-8

Guest vocals on track 8 provided by JT Rodriguez

All songs written by Hendrik Esche, Cole Gilbert, Justin Jackson, and Jake Black



all rights reserved


Back X Burner San Jose, California

XXX HC from the Bay


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Track Name: CLS
When will you fuckin' think for yourself?
You think you've got it all figured out
But there's shit you don't know about
Like a sense of respect, or when to have your doubts
Track Name: Disgraced
I step back
Take a look at the world
I'm a victim of a lie with a third degree burn
I lose all of my sleep
Holding on to hopeless memories

I just can't be free
I can't move on
This lie spreads like a stain
And I won't stay ashamed
Track Name: Loathe
I won't follow the path that you lead
I won't bow down to your wants and your needs
Sick of the bullshit and the madness you bring
You're just as broken as your low self esteem

You will never
Take this away
It's funny how you think that things will stay the same
You will never
Take this away
It's funny how you think that things will stay the same

As pressure builds I'm slowly slipping away
You can't make up for your past mistakes
You've proved to me that you're not worth my time
It was your hand that was holding the knife

You will never
Take this away
It's funny how you think that things will stay the same
You will never
Take this away
It's funny how you think that things will stay the same


I'm not here for an apology I'm done this is through
Fucking pushed me away with this line that you drew
You're a waste of breath I have no fucking doubt
Punch the nails through the bat knock you right the fuck out
Track Name: Weakest Link
You'll never be the same, you're the one to blame
Tie the fucking noose and hang your head in shame
I can't believe how blind you can be
Worthless motherfucker you're nothing to me
I owe you for this pain that I feel
The lonely nights and the love that you steal
No longer searching for your acceptance
Learn your lesson and keep your distance

I remember you for you
Not the shit that you do

This choice isn't yours, it's mine
You fucking sit there and waste my fucking time
Stop trying to take control of my mind
It's my life
Track Name: Pay Your Dues
I feel anger myself
Just like anyone else
But this bullshit you do
Only hurts, doesn't help
The damage is done
I feel shame for the rest
Under the pressure of a gun
Without a vest
I pray to the sky
That I will escape death
But with my luck
I'll end up like the rest
I feel pressure and rage
But this soon will pass

This chain link squad
Will put you to the test
Held back by sin and hurt
You can't clean up the mess
This chain link squad
Will be the death of you
You can't hide
You pay your dues
Track Name: No Love Lost
I'm still alive but got no love for myself
I'm holding on but to what I can't tell
Reached out for help, but I only found hell
This cruel and cold world gives me no hope
You dug your own grave
See my face
Deal the cards
That will seal your fate

Bust it
I can't help but give in to self doubt
I sink down below, to the lowest low
I can't breathe I can't think got this feeling in my chest
Like I'm down in a hole, to the bottom I go

If there is a god in the sky
I hope he's got his alibi
'Cause I've been calling out
With no reply
Track Name: Time Lapse
God damn power hungry selfish prick
Just empty threats and fake promises
You've got nothing to prove
We all know you never really cared
You can't take what is mine
My confidence and my fucking pride
Go ahead and think you're perfect
Stop kidding yourself, you're far from it

You're a fucking snake, you don't have a spine
It's a well known fact you'll get yours in time
Ignorant, you've got your head up your ass
You can never fix what you did in the past
What's mine isn't yours, what's yours isn't mine
You can't deny it you committed the crime
Family's first, you're fucking last
Always headed down a dead end path

I've been betrayed far too many times
No more chances, can't swim against the tide
How fucking dare you, who are you
To put your vices before those who are true
Don't ever show your face around
You swam in the undertow I'll watch you drown
You are just a lowlife that cannot be saved
You are a slave to your own fucking grave

I've been put to shame
Still can't break these chains
Poisoned my mind with
These pathetic claims
The chain is only as strong
As it's weakest link
Keep running your mouth
As I watch you sink